Non Woven Fabric

Arihant Polypacks Ltd. offers best quality PP spunbond non-woven fabric in a wide variety of colours, sizes and quality. We are one of the most reliable suppliers and sellers of non-woven fabric for making shopping bags in Nepal. Our offerings range vary from very durable PP fabric to limited life or disposable fabric depending on usage. Durable Fabrics are used in shopping bags, tea bags, rice bags, coat covers, automobile covers where as disposable fabrics are used in hygiene products like medical disposables like mask, wipes, bed sheet, apron and shoe covers.

Non-Woven Fabrics are available with following specifications

GSM RANGE 25-180
Width Up to 63"
Length/ROll As per requiremnet
Weight/Roll As per quality
Treatment Hydrophilic and hydrophobic
Lamination As per requirement
  • Packaging (shopping bags, rice bags, food grain bags, shoe bags)
  • Medical (bed linen, masks, disposable slippers, gowns, hospital curtain)
  • Cover (land covers, car covers, gardening insulations)
  • Others (sari covers, coat covers, apron, waxing strips, laundry bags, newspaper bags for hotels)
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    Non-Woven Shopping Bags

    We also manufacture non-woven shopping bags in distinctive designs (D-cut, loop handle, box type), stylish colors and different sizes. Our shopping bags are very durable and reliable for carrying shopping goods. The seams and handles are all machine finished, making it long lasting and durable. Our non-woven shopping bags are very cost-effective and eco friendly.

    Non-Woven Shopping Bags are available with following specifications

    GSM Range 40-58
    Size 8"x12 to 18"x20"
    Color Wide variety (as per customer specification)
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